E.G. Stone Interview!

Welcome back!

It’s Monday again – and around here, that’s a GOOD thing, as we do a Monday Morning Author Interview. Today we have E.G. Stone dropping in. E.G. Stone is an independent author who has been writing, quite literally, since the age of six. Since then, E.G. has improved rather a lot and has written several full-length novels, various short stories, a screenplay, snippets of poetry, and various blog entries that may or may not make sense. E.G. enjoys writing in many different genres. The favourites are science fiction, mystery (preferably of the murder variety), adventure, fantasy — basically anything where the world isn’t quite what you would expect. When not writing, she is off musing about the workings of languages, both real and created, or wandering around and experiencing new people, places and things. E.G. reads voraciously, perhaps to the point of slight-insanity. She also is enjoying making a go of this writer thing full-time. Weird, nerdy, perhaps a little crazy, she is having a grand old time writing, reading, reviewing, interviewing, and causing trouble.

And let’s get into some questions!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was about six when I first wanted to be a writer. I had written a story about life events and became enamoured with putting pen to paper and creating entire worlds. People could know what was going on in my head with the relatively simple act of stringing words together. Of course, it didn’t much help that I was incredibly fond of Tolkien and all his language shenanigans at that point. It’s mostly Tolkien’s fault that I became a word nerd, linguist, and writer.