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Christmas Eve Snippet Drop!

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone!

Did you know you can read the Chronicles on Kindle Unlimited for FREE? Yup! Here’s a LINK to the series and you can grab any book you want!

Well, not the one I’m still writing.

Let’s have another sneak peek, shall we?

Kendra checked the date. “It’s been three weeks since we dropped them off. I don’t remember the details, but how long can they last without resupply?” The same weekend that Endeavour encountered the bomber, Enterprise was in the Tau Ceti system, landing the first extra-solar mining colony. There were forty human miners and a host of robots, living underground and building a plant to process platinum group and other precious metals. It wasn’t intended as a permanent colony, at least not on the surface, due to the high gravity and hot, thin atmosphere.

“Another six weeks, though they could manage eight in a pinch,” said Cass immediately. Obviously she’d been thinking about it.

“That should allow us to get back with supplies and more miners.”

“Precisely. Alley and I have been discussing it, along with contingency plans.” Cass leaned back against the chair and said, “That’s enough shop talk for one night, especially before dinner.”

“Fair enough,” said Kendra. “The girls will be back any time now. Minna?”

“Yes, Admiral?”

“Where are our hellions?”

“They are still occupying Chief Stone’s full attention aboard Njord, despite her best attempts to end their session,” said the AI.

“Herding cats,” laughed Kendra.

“That reminds me,” said Cass. “Apparently LJ’s cat, Luci, is going to have kittens, and Alley asked me if we were going to want one.” Enterprise had been designed for long-term deployments. To Kendra, that meant space for families aboard. When Lt. LJ Burg had moved aboard, she’d brought her cats, Theo and Luciferous Dimples, and they had become the first four-legged family on the ship.


“The way Alley was talking, I think she hopes we take more than one.”


“The girls would love them.”


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