Cassidy FOUR Snippet

 Happy New Year everyone!

How was your weekend?

Me, I kept busy writing. I’m up to just over 62,000 words in the next Cassidy book, have a tentative title, and have an end in sight for the book. Of course, the more I write, the more stories there are to tell, so I’m thinking this is going to go at least 5 books in the series, maybe 6, possibly more.

If you missed it, ALL three volumes of the series are available on KU, which means you can read them for FREE if you have that subscription. If you don’t, you can buy all three ebooks for less than ten bucks, which ain’t bad at all. Buy them here: CASSIDY CHRONICLES

So here’s a little nugget I wrote over the weekend. Enjoy.


“We’re doing this. Holy shit, we’re actually doing this. Mutant, we’re going to place a buoy in the fucking 40 Eridani system!”

“Yes, K-Pop, we are. Now, will you get back to your goddam boards?”

Keith ‘Mutant’ Glass, coxswain of the Al-Wahid, really couldn’t stand his engineer. Glass had been a pilot for decades, flying heavies for first the Sonoran military then for an air transportation company before being recruited by the Federation. He was somewhere on the north side of fifty and, while he loved flying his Wolf, didn’t really get hyped up by all the ‘explore the galaxy’ kool-aid that everyone else seemed to have drunk.