Cassidy Chronicles Volume 2 – The Road to the Stars – Chapter Post

Every now and then I get a moment of disorientation when I’m typing in one of these post names. See, it’s the second volume, right? So my brain automatically translates that into it appears on TUESDAY, the second day of the week.


Doesn’t stop the brief moment of panic as I’m typing this in ON TUESDAY, thinking, oh my, I’m really really late for my post!

Last week, Cass got a call from Mya Hartman, asking for a meeting. Cass was a bit snarky about it; I guess you can do that when you’re worth umpteen trillions. But she did agree, put plans into motion, and now it’s time for her and Kendra to brainstorm.

Stay tuned after the chapter for a little bonus content! And now, C3, B1, V2

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Chapter Three

Cass arrived home at her usual time.

“Why is the head of the UE Distribution Directorate visiting?” asked Kendra, after collecting her kiss.