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Adam FEATURES...Noah Lemelson

That's right, I'm doing something a little different today!

Instead of a full interview, I'm featuring ONE author, and a spotlight on ONE book!

Meet Noah Lemelson and his book, The Lioness and the Rat Queen!

After winning First Place in the OZMA Book Awards for Fantasy Fiction for his debut dieselpunk fantasy, “The Sightless City,” (July 20, 2021, Tiny Fox Press), Noah Lemelson is back with the newest, gripping continuation of his steampunk-apocalyptic-noir trilogy, “The Lioness and the Rat Queen” (August 29, 2023, Tiny Fox Press).
A city burning, a murderous tycoon on the run, and three vigilantes out for revenge… Marcel never thought his investigations would lead to this; his once-friend Lazarus Roache turned slaver and cruel puppet master. For the good of Huile, and to salve his conscience, Marcel must take Roache down, even if that means following him into the desolate and savage reaches of the Wastes. Yet when winds of the Wastes grind their hopes of justice to dust, the three must make common cause with the hardened “Lioness of Vastium,” a disgraced Principate General who wants Marcel’s head just as much as Roache’s. To survive and take down the tycoon, they must find a way to fight as one–but blood begets blood, and old vendettas cannot stay long buried in the blasted soil of the Wastes. Praise for The Sightless City
"A gripping mystery with an exceptionally fleshed-out world."“Take one step into The Sightless City and you’re pulled into a crackling adventure of intrigue, danger and mystery until the very last page. Lemelson builds an intricate steampunk fantasy world and sets it ablaze with haunting characters and deep moral questions. It’s a thrilling debut!” -Amanda Silver, writer and producer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Jurassic World
"Lemelson melds industrial revolution with powerful magic; and, like all revolutions, this one isn't a tea party." -- Dave Higgins, author of Seven Stones: The Complete Series“Stellar worldbuilding and quick pacing. This is sure to entertain any fan of gritty speculative fiction.” "With one foot in the seemingly magical and the other in SF, The Sightless City hits that same sweet spot that Tamsyn Muir mines so successfully in Gideon the Ninth. Lemelson revives and updates the gestures of science fantasy to make it a truly 21st century form. Funny, dark, irreverent, and endlessly entertaining, The Sightless City is a rustpunk wonder and a first-rate debut." -- Brian Evanson, award-winning author of Song for the Unraveling of the World and The Warren
“Stellar worldbuilding and quick pacing. This is sure to entertain any fan of gritty speculative fiction.” - Publishers weekly
"A gripping mystery with an exceptionally fleshed-out world." -Kirkus Reviews

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