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In the vastness of space, loyalty is tested and ancient secrets resurface


Colonel Chloe Resler, mission commander of the Terran Federation Starship Christopher J. Pike, embarks on an unparalleled journey into the uncharted realms of space. Tasked with tracing the enigmatic path of an ancient civilization, Chloe and her diverse crew must navigate not only the perils of the cosmos but also the complexities of their own interpersonal dynamics. As they uncover tantalizing clues about the mysterious Tantorians, they are thrust into a high-stakes game of survival where loyalty is tested and betrayal lurks in the shadows.

With tensions rising and a potential mutiny simmering beneath the surface, Chloe must maintain control and keep her crew focused on their mission. The journey promises breathtaking discoveries and heart-pounding confrontations, challenging the crew's resolve and ingenuity. "Tracking Tantor" is a thrilling space opera that delves into the depths of human resilience and the unyielding quest for knowledge, perfect for fans of epic interstellar adventures and intricate character-driven narratives.

Tracking Tantor

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