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Who Wants A Book?

Hey, I'm back!

Didja miss me?

Since Friday, I mean.

Yeah, maybe not.

Tell me, am I too pushy?

I'm here just about every day, chattering away, and it occurred to me that maybe you don't want so much of me?

Well, let me know, one way or another. I think Adam set things up so you can contact me through the website.

If not, you can email me.

Yes, that's really me. No, it doesn't go to an AI. Yes, I answer emails.

Anyways, it's less than a month until Into the Black launches, and I wanted to know if you wanted an early copy?


Only one string attached - you have to apply for it.


Adam's said I can give away copies, he calls them eARCs (electronic Advance Reader Copies), to people who want to read it and leave a review!

So - whaddya say?

You want it?

Click the cover image below and you can get it!

Until I come back to you Tuesday - oh, thank Zeus, I have a day off! - this is your favorite Admiral, signing off!


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