Volume ONE Chapter Post!

Glad you’ve come back for another Chapter!

Last week you got to see the wedding-that-wasn’t; now, you get to learn how they almost got there.

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Okay, okay, enough pitching. On with the chapter!

Chapter 2: Meet the Family

Her name was Aiyana Cassidy and she was thirty-two years old.

Half Irish and half Native American, her name meant ‘Eternal Bloom‘, though everyone called her Cass. Tall, at 190 centimeters, and slim, she had auburn hair that trailed down her back when it wasn’t pinned up for work. Her long, tanned legs led up to a slim waist and full breasts, and she had attracted more than her fair share of suitors over the years. But it was her eyes that were her most memorable feature – pale, ice-blue eyes that seemed to gaze deep into the soul of anyone she talked to.