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Visiting Artist - Dimitra Charitos!

I hope I got your attention!

Dimi is back (@1nthegarden_ on twitter) and she's got some BEAUTIFUL art for you to look at, with a SPECIAL SALE CODE (which you can only get through this website)!

A little about the artist:

DIMITRA CHARITOS is an artist based in Ontario, Canada

CEO and founder, Dimitra Charitos founded In the Garden in 2018. Dimitra is a multi-media artist who paints various subjects. Known for painting nature with women, these pieces have been the focal point in the progression of her career.

In 2019, Dimitra's exploration of themes that suggest womanly structures allowed her to touch upon topics like body dysmorphia and embracing natural body forms. Through nature she expresses this love to reflect the ideal world that she has created through her art.

Dimitra has represented her unique style through her online presence and has translated her perception throughout her working career.

When you see something you like, CLICK THE IMAGE to go to her store! And don't forget, there's a discount code waiting for you at the end!

Toad Tale, 5 x 7 Original Print: Take yourself back to reading those frog and toad books. Filled with whimsy marshes just for those who love this aesthetic. Click the image to buy it now - it's an ORIGINAL PRINT!

Gaia, 5 x 7 or 8 x 10, Illustration Print: Mother nature is here and ready to guide you into empowerment. Take home one of the loveliest inspirations of life itself.

Winter Solstice, 5 x 7 Sticker Sheet: With hints of nature comes the forest immersing into the art world. Decorate your favourite things with these gems.

Luna Moth Gal, 7 x 9 Watercolour on Canvas: Flutter away into nature with this beautiful love. Let this gal empower you and show all your beauty. ANOTHER ORIGINAL - there's only ONE of these, so if you love this, BUY IT!

And I've saved the most amazing for last!

This isn't available until 5pm EDT, so you're going to have to be patient!

Bloom Fairy, 7 x 9 Watercolour on Canvas: Step into nature and find yourself in a magical land. This gal will take you to the beauty of life. ORIGINAL and UNIGUE!

As promised - here's your discount code!

Use "LOVE" at checkout to get 25% off - this is UNIQUE to you, visitors to this site!

What are you waiting for? These originals won't wait! GO NOW!

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