Tuesday – Volume ONE Chapter Post!

Happy Tuesday!

Wait, what? It’s Tuesday?

Yup. Tuesday.

You sure about that?

All day.

Gee, that means it’s time for the FIRST post of a chapter from Volume One!

Starting today, I am serializing the chapters in all of my CASSIDY novels – Volume One on Tuesdays, The Road to the Stars (Volume Two) on Wednesdays, The Measure of Humanity (Volume Three) on Thursdays, and Volume 4 (title to be announced!) on Fridays.

This is going to be C1-B1-V1 (see yesterday’s post on naming), and there’s a funny story behind it.

Now, I don’t know if this is true of all writers, many writers, some writers, or just me, but I’ll often get a scene in my head – pop – and I’ll write it down. It might be short, or long; it may or may not lead anywhere (lots of those dead ends!). But the thing about these single scenes is that they are all complete as they appear in my head.

So there I am, 2012, and suddenly I get this name, Aiyana Cassidy, and a scene to go with it. I write down the scene and, as far as my memory can recall, it hasn’t changed significantly since. Of course, I had no idea that this one little scene – in the printed version it clocks in at just over one page – was going to kick off what is so far over 300,000 words, but hey!