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Through Fresh Eyes: The Cassidy Chronicles

Anna van Leeuwen is a new fan of Adam Gaffen’s and just begun reading the first volume of Book One of The Cassidy Chronicles: Run Like Hell. These are her thoughts:

“Right off the bat, I immediately identified with Cass as a character. And I was quite impressed with her keen eye, spotting a flechette gun when nobody else did during (what was supposed to be) the happiest day of her life. And Cass’s optimistic attitude did shed quite the comic relief throughout the beginning. Quickly, I was enraptured by the Cassidy Chronicles universe… I’ve always been a tech nerd, but can you imagine living in a world where you can pay with your fingerprints and retina scans? Think of the convenience!

Also, as someone who’s participated in polyamorous relationships before, I must note: it’s quite nice to see some true, honest representation of the community! I’m getting tired of the same-old hetero-monogamous relationship arcs in stories… Adam Gaffen brings a fresh, tasteful execution to the concept in ways I’ve not seen in other books before. He doesn’t focus the whole book around it, it’s simply one aspect of this vibrant story… the intrigue and shocking opening draw you further and further in until you’ve passed an hour just scanning his pages.

The plot is exciting and well-written, with perfectly-timed suspense and beautiful metaphors littered through the book like birdseed in a park. Adam knows the perfect methods of setting a scene, and doesn’t linger too long on the little details but gives them enough blood to see them standing before you. His writing created such clear imagery in my head, I almost felt like I was watching a movie.

Though I’m very new, and very early in the series… I’m absolutely hooked! I need a minimum of 10 pages to read a night before bed, and I can’t stop thinking about what will happen next. I highly recommend the series to anyone and everyone with a strong appreciation of good literature.”


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