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Through Fresh Eyes: Cassidy Chronicles 4

This week’s reading was absolutely amazing! The cohesiveness between leaving the elevator with Ken and Cass and escaping the mysterious intruder in OutLook was magnificent. And the secret freezer door, who would have ever expected that?

I continue to be impressed by the technology Adam both describes and backs-up scientifically. Most (if not all) of the devices introduced could quite possibly exist one day in our reality. However, the way Ken navigates backdoors in these systems is still astounding. To think how much skill going off-the-grid would require in a world like that one makes me blanche.

Furthermore, I’m very interested in when/how we will reconvene with Derek at this point. The flurry at the tube station was enthralling, but I can’t help but worry for the third missing piece of the puzzle. What do you guys think will happen with Derek? And Dick, what will become of him? I have an odd feeling that the earlier chapters will not be the last we see of our forgery friend.

Cass is handling all of the chaos extremely well, in my opinion. I don’t know if I’d be so calm-and-collected if I’d seen as much as she had in such a short period of time, with so little information of the motives behind the scenarios. Finding out all the new things she is about Ken can’t be the most easy burden to bear either.

All-in-all, The Cassidy Chronicles continues to uphold the enrapturing, beautiful, ingeniously-creative standard it always has. As I delve deeper between the pages of this thrilling adventure, I’m only drawn further in by the wonderful plot and fascinating scenery. A highly commendable series for its originality alone, Adam has truly outdone himself!

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