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Through Fresh Eyes 6: The Cassidy Chronicles

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the stunning conversion rates between credits and United States Dollars? $10 USD is equal to 1 Cuomos, but 16-and-some change USD is equal to 1 Sonoran credit! Wow! The idea of speeding down an empty road at 325 klicks an hour is unfathomable to me. And I’m intrigued about the People’s Republic as a society. I hope to learn more about their culture and how they coexist as I read on!

The latest reading had me holding my breath in trepidation! While Derek’s fate still lies painfully unknown, the car chase that Ken expertly weaves clear through (all whilst keeping both her and Cass together against a platoon of enemy vehicles) with that incredible laser was otherworldly! The tension and adrenaline were downright palpable, and though the memorable death of one driver was quite gory, it seemed forgivable given the circumstance. And the capabilities of that car are simply stunning!

I also enjoyed reading what the enemy team was thinking about/discussing, it’s not very often during a conflict that you get to read both side’s perspectives so well-ingrained in one chapter. And I found their scrambling kind of funny, in all honesty, if only because of their lack of understanding regarding the situation that had unfolded before them. It’s a bit like when a cartoon walks off a cliff, then looks down.

As I continue my dive into the strange, chaotic waters of the Cassidy Chronicles, I can’t help but wonder how it will all tie in together as we segue into the next book. I’ve stopped at the first page of Chapter 27, meaning there are only 3 chapters left before I begin the second act of Volume 1: A Deadly Quest

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