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Through Fresh Eyes 3: Cassidy Chronicles

Wow, this series just keeps gaining momentum with each page I turn! Ken and Cass’s dramatic escape to their secret hideaway, the expansive-and-complicated security system Adam created in Chapter 19一 and how could you forget the breath-holding, nail-biting anxiety felt when the curious boys at the roadside wandered a little too close? The main story of the plot is easily-followed so far, but the implications of the world around our favorite dynamic duo are massively complicated. Somehow, Adam managed to strike a perfect balance between spoken and inferred detail to build an almost-tangible world that’s understandable but so vastly different from the present. Yet, the technology he describes is possible when cross-examined against real-day physics and science. It’s like looking into (one of many) possible realities our universe could experience some day, from the safety of your comfy reading nook. I find this particularly enthralling, as I’m fascinated by technology and the logical workings of the world. Despite introducing so many different character’s and plot points within a (relatively) short amount of time, Adam’s managed to weave all the various story-arcs into a single tapestry that can be absorbed from one end to the other with ease; but not without stirring some rather amazing questions. Just imagine: what would the world look like if you could pay for a taxi with your thumb, and paper cash was a novelty? Or examining the story itself: where will Ken and Cass head next to find answers? It’s a very alluring piece, which I hold in high regard on the principle of good-writing basis alone (not that it’s only written well, the tale itself is invigorating and endlessly entertaining).

I can’t wait to read the next few chapters, and find out what will happen next!

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