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Through Fresh Eyes 2: Cassidy Chronicles

As I’ve continued my exploration into the intense, chaotic universe of the Cassidy Chronicles; I can’t help but be stunned by the vivid-but-understandable explanations of quantum mechanics. Adam walked a very fine line in Chapter 9 when it came to explaining teleportation physics, but he still managed to execute a perfect symphony of technical jargon and laymen’s terms that even I could read it. The technology described in the Cassidy Chronicles in enthralling, especially when coupled with the thrilling plot.

Science Fiction is a difficult genre to break into, as it’s one of the longest-standing categories and many concepts within it’s sphere have been exhausted through billions of different stories. However, Adam brought a beautiful originality into his books with the vibrant characters. Ken and Cass are very well-defined and relatable, despite their incredible backstories as people and the wickedly-strange conditions they stumble upon. The relationship (albeit predating the beginning of the book itself in it’s origins) between the two of them palpably develops through each chapter, and I found myself rooting for a happy ending despite only reaching Chapter 11 in my latest excursions. I was caught off-guard by my own passionate adoration within a few pages of such a complex dynamic within each of their personalities.

The scenery has been depicted so graphically with such minimal-but-effective detailing (compared to the rambling one might expect from such a well-etched scene, typically necessary to encapsulate a strong visual, but not in Adam’s case); it’s simply breathtaking. Take the bar scene with Dick, for example. As I turned page after page, it’s almost like I could feel the area fall into place around myself. The different voices rang in my ears as the colors and sights played like a movie in my mind, beckoning me to continue reading. “Just one more paragraph” repeated like a self-help mantra in my thoughts.

Regardless of my own developing familiarity with this series, I still highly recommend it to all who may listen! It’s an intricate mind-blower, but one very-well worth the focus.

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