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The world of Cass & Ken

I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little bit of background for the world that Cass & Ken live in.

This appears at the beginning of Volume One; since the subsequent books mostly take place off-Earth I haven’t duplicated it, but it’s probably worth making public.

So here’s a Reader’s Digest Condensed version of the future history of the United States

North America: Things You Ought to Know

This is the country that Cass and Ken know in 2113 – a fractured remnant. The Great Schism of 2021 began the disintegration of the United States. Some of the separations were peaceful, others not. Travel between the newly-minted countries varies widely, usually reflecting the separation process.

National and state boundaries have been unchanged since the Wet Firecracker War of 2093.

In terms of military power, the United States still holds a slim edge over both the Northern Imperium and the New Confederacy, enough to keep an unstable peace. Economically, the California Confederacy and the Republic of Texas are nearly level, with the Northern Imperium and the Empire of New York usually battling for third. Las Vegas Free State, due to its lax regulatory structure, the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, and the Sonoran Republic are fifth through seventh, followed by the United States, New Confederacy, and Big Sky Lands.

Currencies are Credits in the Sonoran Republic and Northern Imperium, Bruins in the California Confederacy, Production Economic Units in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, Cuomos in the Empire of New York, and Dollars in the Unites States, New Confederacy, Las Vegas Free State, and Big Sky Lands.

National Dates of Independence

 DATE             EVENT                  MAJOR EVENTS & NATIONS INVOLVED

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