The Road to the Stars – Chapter THREE

 It’s SATURDAY, which means it’s time for a new Chapter in The Road to the Stars, the upcoming Cassidy Chronicles novel (coming soon)!

If you’re just tuning in, check out the prologue, chapter one and chapter two. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Everyone caught up? GREAT! Then without further ado, here’s Chapter THREE:

Chapter Three

Cass arrived home at her usual time.

“Why is the head of the UE Distribution Directorate visiting?” asked Kendra, after collecting her kiss.

“I don’t know! She commed me this afternoon, got her techs to spoof our systems so she wasn’t identified. I thought Mac set things up so that couldn’t happen?”

Kendra thought about that. “She did, but as good as she is, Mac’s only one person.” Amanda McAllister ran the IT side of OutLook. Like Montana, she was a former agent. Also like Montana, she had been pulled into the events swirling around Kendra and Cass. She was not primarily a field agent, specializing in attacking vulnerabilities in targeted computer networks, but she more than held up her end through those trying weeks. When it was all over, she was elevated to her position as Montana’s de facto number two.

“Let’s talk about that after dinner,” suggested Cass. “I’m