The Road to the Stars – Chapter TEN

 Guess what’s in production?


Jane Weatherstone – the wonderful producer who recorded Volume One – has signed on for Volume Two! I hope to have it out to you by the end of the year, but part of that depends on Audible’s review process. How long does that take, you ask? Well, A Desperate Gambit, book 3 in Volume One, which is included in the audiobook version of Volume One, is still in review!

Anyways, here’s chapter TEN of The Road to the Stars for you to enjoy!


Chapter Ten

Three weeks later, Kendra, Cass, and Mac traveled to Geneva with an escort to meet with Hartman. Getting into the Borlaug building was easier than they expected, even though they had been invited and were on the official visitor’s log; Kendra suspected the wheels had been greased to get them past security more quickly. Be that as it may, soon enough they were in Hartman’s private conference room.

“Ladies –” began the Director, but Kendra held up a hand.


Mac took