The Road to the Stars – Chapter Seventeen

This is the final chapter of Alley’s introduction to the Enterprise. In reality, it took about three months to get from the initial contact to her agreeing to meet with me, then maybe three more weeks to get to this point, so I guess we’re not doing too badly.

Alley really didn’t want to give up her career in the Imperium Navy, despite how badly they screwed her over.

What Adam didn’t write about was the softening-up period. We really had to work on and with her to even get her to consider the possibility of leaving, but nobody wants to read that. Believe me, nobody wants it; I know, because I had to read the dammed things!

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Chapter Seventeen

This flight, Mia showed off what the Galileo could do. She pushed the acceleration hard right from the liftoff. The engines could generate up to 200 g acceleration, but the inertial dampers started losing ground at about 100 g, so by the time she hit max accel her passengers were feeling a full four g. Fortunately, the boost phase only lasted a few moments before Mia was able to cut the engines and allow the dampers to catch up.