The Road to the Stars – Chapter SEVEN

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to get your chapter from Volume Two!

If you didn’t guess, I have fun writing these books. In many ways, Kendra is standing in for me. If I was in her shoes, with the money and the power that goes with it, and I could make a starship reality? Oh, hell yes!

That’s one the fun conceits in the book. Though Kendra I get to have a fictional character

HEY! I’m not fictional! You keep trying to pass me off as some sort of creation from your imagination, but I’m as real as you are! Don’t you start with this ‘imagination’ crap again or by Zeus I’m going to drop in on you and kick your ass!

Um. Right. So Kendra is looking back at an idealized fictional universe, or several universes, actually. And she thinks, ‘You know, I could

Me again. Look, let’s get this straight. I was raised, more or less, on the pop culture from the half-century around the turn of the millenium. Being a kid, I wanted the exciting stuff. That was Star Trek and Firefly and Buffy and Lucifer and all sorts of good things. Then, after inheriting the Harriman Trust and the Pegasus Project, it was only natural that I’d try to turn those childhood dreams into reality.

Are you done?

Are you going to be accurate?

How about I just put up the chapter?

Good idea. This is a good chapter. We were trying to have dinner with Mya and Ted, soften them up before we started the real discussions.

Can I just say a couple things, now that you’ve introduced it?

Oh, sure.

Thank you ever so much.

First, if you want to buy the book, you can get it by clicking on any image. Second, there’s an audio sample at the bottom of the pos