The Road to the Stars – Chapter One

No, you didn’t miss something!

Remember what Adam told you at the beginning of these posts?

Each volume of my stories is broken into three ‘books’, and each book has it’s own chapter numbering. So this is the first chapter of book two in this volume.

The book’s title is The Gathering Storm. We were fat and happy; didn’t have the slightest clue what was headed our way.

Still, it was a good time.

Now, Adam wanted me to mention that he’s entered a cover into this month’s (May 2021) contest, and he wants your vote! Just click the button below and you can vote, then come back and read this week’s sample.

I’ll vote! Yes, I love the covers that have been done for the books!

And there is a sample of the audiobook at the bottom too! Click on ANY image and you can buy the book and skip all of this ‘wait a week between chapters’ nonsense!

Chapter One

Somehow, they’d done it.