The Road to the Stars – Chapter NINE

Well, well, well. Seems I did it again. Skipped a chapter.

So, before I work up the NEXT post, let’s put out there the post that should have been up LAST WEEK.

Oh, boy, I’ve got to get better at this or Adam’s going to take this job away from me, then you won’t get my stories, you’ll get his. You don’t want that!

The good news for you readers is it’s a short chapter which just shows some of the back-and-forth that Cass and I do when we’re talking things out.

Chapter Nine

“You know, I feel kinda bad,” said Kendra later from her side of the bed.

“Mmm?” replied a sleepy Cass. Unlike Kendra, she wasn’t a natural night owl, and the meeting had dragged on. And on. And on. Lynch had eventually come to, but was spending his night at San Raphael Hospital, being treated for a concussion, three cracked ribs, a shattered jaw, and a possible hairline skull fracture. Hartman and O’Quinn, and their aides, had returned to their rooms in town. “In case we wanted to continue the discussion,” explained Hartman. Although Cass had begged off, citing her suddenly-full Friday at HLC, Kendra had agreed to comm them at ten.

“We sorta ambushed them.”

“Mmmf. What did you tell me?”

“I’ve told you lots of things.”

“About planning.”