The Road to the Stars – Chapter Fourteen

“Venomous snake” are the first words which leap to mind when thinking of the Primus. “Egomaniac” and “paranoid bitch” are close in the running, too.

If you’re getting the idea I didn’t like Vasilia Newling, well, you’re half-right.

I hated what she did and what she made happen. She wrought untold misery across a swath of the Inner System for years.

That said, I never met her in person, nor did I even talk to her directly. I tried; Zeus knows I tried! I offered publicly, I offered privately, I sent messages to her government.


It’s one of the few regrets I have, that I was never able to talk with her. I still feel much of the bloodshed and pain of our conflict could have been avoided with a few meetings.

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Chapter Fourteen

“I. Want. Results. Not excuses. Results.”

The fact that the Primus wasn’t yelling was enough to chill even the most stoic of her Ministers.