The Road to the Stars – Chapter Fifteen

Ah, back to the good old days, when I was introducing Alley to the Enterprise for the first time. I was still trying to sell her on the position, and I think I nearly lost her when we went to the bridge.

See, you have to understand, I’d been dealing with the construction of this starship for five years at this point. There wasn’t a single part of her I didn’t know and approve. There were also aspects of her design which I, frankly, had insisted upon because they fit my idea of what a Starship was supposed to be. Since I was the person paying the bills, I figured that gave me some say in the design, at least in some of the less mission-critical things.

I won’t try to describe the arguments I had with Val; ‘epic’ doesn’t really do them justice.

But the bridge design? My baby. Utterly.

So I was maybe a little bit personally affronted when Alley reacted the way she did.

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Chapter Fifteen