The Road to the Stars – Chapter Eleven

I hate missiles.

I’m no angel, okay? I’ve killed plenty of people in my time, some of them really up close and personal, others at arm’s length, yet more by laser, and a whole bunch by giving the orders.

Missiles suck.

Lasers are instantaneous, near enough. No time for second thoughts.

Up close? Well, there’s always a chance you might be the one who ends up dead.

And ordering it, you have all the time in the world to think about it beforehand and be sure you’re making the right choice.

But missiles? Once you fire them, they’re out of your control. If you have second thoughts, you’re pretty well screwed.

Put it on your calendars now: November 24.


Because Adam is going to do a blockbuster sale and promotional blitz that day!

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MOST of this will be on Facebook (see the button below), but he’s also going to be on the Meet The Author Podcast at 7pm EST (4pm PST) on the 24th as well.

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