The Road to the Stars – Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

“Heavy Lift Corporation, office of the president,” subvocalized the receptionist.

“Aiyana Cassidy, please,” said a voice.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Cassidy is unavailable. I can give you an appointment to talk to her,” she checked the boss’s calendar. “Next Tuesday at three-fifteen.”

“Please check your caller ID,” said the voice. “I’ll wait.”

The receptionist pulled up the record. “It’s blank,” she said.

“Correct,” confirmed the voice.

“It can’t be blank,” she argued.

“Obviously, it can be,” said the voice, patiently.

“And what is that supposed to prove?”

“That whoever is calling Ms. Cassidy has the ability to block a system which is supposed to be unblockable.” Before the receptionist could protest, the voice continued. “That means whoever is calling either has the power to command the network, or has the hacking chops to spoof it. Either way, I think Ms. Cassidy will want to talk to them, don’t you?”

“Hold,” said the receptionist, and used her implant to cut the voice off. A quick thought, and –