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The Measure of Humanity Special Deal!

Sorry, no chapter today – Release Day is tomorrow, and we’ve finished all of the first Book in The Measure of Humanity.  Have you enjoyed reading Book One: The False Peace?

Here’s a special deal for you:

Pre-order TODAY (12/19) by clicking the title above or here: THE MEASURE OF HUMANITY

Post a copy of your proof of purchase – either send it via email to me,, or you can find me on Facebook (Adam Gaffen and also @AdamGaffenAuthor, links are embedded).

If you pre-order the ebook, I’ll send the audiobook for REFUGE, my time travel/vampire novella.

If you pre-order the paperback, I’ll send the audiobook for THE ROAD TO THE STARS – yes, that’s right, the audiobook for Cassidy 2 is complete and just waiting for Audible approval. But you can get a rough copy TOMORROW by ordering the paperback TODAY!

Thanks for coming along, and keep watching this space for updates and snippets as I write Cassidy 4!


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