The Measure of Humanity – Chapter TWELVE

Lest you start to think everything in this part of the book revolved around me and my legal woes, I now present to you the following counterexample.

Seriously. Yes, it was stressful, and yes, it took up a bunch of my time, but life went on with the rest of the Federation!

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Habitat Njord

“Nymeria Squadron on final approach to Njord,” Daniela radioed. Daniela was leading a practice flight of Direwolves. She had a half-dozen pilots fresh from the Academy and she was leading them back to the bay from the base at HLC. Ashlyn was leading the six ‘veteran’ pilots in a mirrored flight, picking up the incoming flight eighty thousand kliks from the base and paralleling them ever since. She’d started to get more comfortable in her role as the squadron XO, which let Daniela give her more and more freedom. That also allowed her to concentrate on the FUNs.