The Measure of Humanity – Chapter TEN

I’m back! Yes, your favorite Admiral, giving you my insights into the events of the chapter.

This book really reflects a difficult time in my life. The war with Artemis was stalled, which on the one hand was good: nobody was dying. On the other hand, it gave them more chances to do sneaky shit. On the gripping hand – isn’t that the oddest phrase? Adam taught it to me. He said it’s from a book called The Mote In God’s Eye, and the aliens had three hands. Thus they had ‘this hand’, ‘that hand,’ and the ‘gripping hand’.

Where was I?

Right. We also had the time to plan and prepare, and we did. Endeavour, Njord, the Direwolves, all came out of the ‘lull’, the down time in 2119.

This chapter is about the evolution of the Wolves and the other MOV squadron, the Flying Tigers. Shannon – Flashdance – was officially in command, but she was already acting in more of a supervisory capacity.

Let’s get to it!

Oh, crap. Right. Adam insists I do some things.

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Whew. NOW we can have some fun!