The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SIXTEEN

Oh, I wish I had been an assassin, and still on active duty, when this was going down.

I mean, in the end it all ended up being to the greater good, but it was still a pain to go through.

Sorry, I’m not trying to be mysterious. It’s just that this particular chapter hits close to home. It’s one of those little things which ends up with big ripples, you know? And since I was dead center of their plans, I got hammered harder by it than others.

The only saving grace was it all ended quickly.

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Artemis Colony, Ministry of Intelligence

“Are you certain?”

“Yes, Minister.” Daryl Jones might have been the Director of Intelligence within the Ministry, but he still reported to the Minister. Since Minister Dent was under pressure from the Primus to deliver information that would damage the Terran Federation, it meant Jones felt it as well.