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The Measure of Humanity - Chapter Seventeen

You ever have one of those days where everything went sideways?

Well, I don't know how she managed it, but every time the Chief went to Luna, somewhere along the way something would go spoing! and she'd find herself up to her neck in crap.

It's a testament to her abilities to pull herself out of the crapper that she didn't end up dead.


Artemis City

“Last stop!” called Tony to his gaggle of tourists.

Thank shite, Stone commed to Jordan. Since discovering that they were supposed to be working together, they’d actually found that they were enjoying the company of the other. Stone saw the eagerness in Jordan, despite her lack of experience, while Jordan looked at Stone with a new appreciation for her skills. As a result they’d become much more the friends that Jordan had pretended so well earlier.

Now their time on Luna was coming to an end, and the LTA always ended it at the same restaurant. Today, though, Tony had an additional reason for stopping there, beyond the not-quite-exorbitant prices they charged the tourists.

Totally, agreed Jordan.

I wonder who these people are? They’d been left out of the details of Tony’s operation, as they had their own parallel missions, but had the broad outlines laid out for them so they wouldn’t be surprised.

I haven’t been able to find out, admitted Jordan. “Hey, let’s get a table in the corner!”

“Sounds good,” agreed Stone, and they made their way inside and claimed an isolated table where they could have a good view of the interior.

Ah, crap. I should have thought of this earlier.


Eh, I could’ve gotten my friend to get the info for us, Stone answered. She’s a bloody genius at extracting hidden data.

That would have been useful, agreed Jordan. “Everything looks so good!”

She pointed to the menu, apparently randomly. Stone just nodded.

Oi, Tony! When does this happen?

Tony didn’t reply via his ‘plant, but in a couple minutes he was over by their table, chattering brightly.

“Hey, ladies, enjoying your final day on Luna?”

“Absolutely,” said Stone.

“I can’t believe it’s almost all over,” added Jordan.

“Aren’t you going on to Mars?” asked Tony. “Not that LTA hasn’t loved having you along for this part of your Grand Tour, but you really can’t be thinking of going back to Earth so soon.”

“Oh, no, I’ll keep going, but I’ll miss all of you!”

“Well, you have a little bit longer with us,” he said. “At least to the end of lunch!” And he wandered off to another table of tourists.

I hate code.

I’m learning to hate it too.

Lunch was, well, lunch. They were both professional enough to order and eat as normal, keeping up the appearance of friends having a pleasant afternoon, but both were simultaneously on alert for anything odd.

Halfway through their meal they got their oddity. A server brought over two more drinks and meals and set them in front of the empty chairs without a word.

Here we go, surmised Stone. Ready?

Act natural, right?


When a man and woman, dressed in tacky tourist clothes and with nametags on that said ‘Ruben Colffer’ and ‘Amber Allan’ respectively, sat down and started eating, neither Stone nor Jordan reacted outwardly at first. After a few moments of chomping, though, Stone cleared her throat.

“Glad to be heading home?” she ventured.

"You have no idea,” said the woman, who looked to be in her early twenties. Her complexion and build suggested that she was an Earth native, though her color was fading.

“I’m not sure,” admitted the man. He looked older, maybe forty, and was definitely a Loonie. “Big changes, you know?”

Stone didn’t know how to respond to that so simply nodded.

Jordan filled in the silence. “Don’t worry, Tony’s a real pro. He’ll make everything so smooth, you won’t believe it.”

As if summoned, Tony appeared at tableside.

“Ruben, Amber, how are things going? Aren’t the staff here great?”

“Yes,” agreed ‘Ruben’. “Very professional. If we miss her, please give Mistress Karolina our complements for her kindness.”

“I will,” said Tony. “We’ll be leaving in about twenty minutes, so if you want anything else you ought to order it now.”

He disappeared again, still making his rounds.

I’m not a bloody secret agent, groused Stone.

Neither am I!

“So, Amber, what do you do? We haven’t seen much of you.”

With a quick glance to her companion the woman answered. “We’ve been busy for a while. I’m not really anything, just, you know, out of school and looking to find myself.”

“Oh, I remember that time,” said Jordan. “It took me, like, a year to figure out what I wanted to do. Then I found my job with HLC, and the rest is history. What about you, Ruben?”

“I’m an engineer,” he answered shortly. “I’m between positions right now, but I’m sure I’ll find something pretty quick.”

A young woman with a server’s apron approached the table. Amber’s face lit seeing her, and even Ruben nearly smiled.

“Can I clear your places?” she asked, then was almost knocked off her feet by Amber’s enthusiastic hug.

“Nicole!” she squealed. “I didn’t think we’d see you again!” And she lifted the taller woman a half-meter off the deck.

Definitely from Earth, commed Stone.

“Put me down!” laughed the other woman.

Once her feet were back on the floor, she said, “I didn’t think so either, but mom asked me to come in and help for old times’ sake.” She looked around the restaurant. “I practically grew up here. I think I was ‘helping’, if that’s what you want to call it, from the time I was, oh, three? From then until I got the job at the Ministry, on and off.”

Stone and Jordan continued sitting quietly as the two women chatted enthusiastically.

“I’m being rude,” Nicole eventually said. “Hi, I’m Nicole.”

“Mikki, and this is my friend Alyssa.”

“Nice to meet you. Are you friends of Amber’s?”

Jordan’s face was a study, but Stone said, “There’s never enough time to get to know people as well as you’d like, eh?”

That seemed to be correct, as Nicole nodded. “I know what you mean. I just met Amber this morning, but it seems like I’ve known her forever.”

“Nicole!” The shout sounded throughout the interior, and she winced.

“Mom’s still got those lungs,” she said. “I’ve got to get back. Sometimes I think I’d rather deal with the Primus. Whoops! Forget I said that.”

Stone nodded, but she suddenly had much more interest in this part-time server.

“Wait!” said Amber as Nicole started to move off. “I need your comm code!”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot to give that to you this morning. Ready?” Amber nodded, and Nicole rattled off a string of numbers. Stone carefully recorded them with her ‘plant and captured an image.


“Gotta dash!”

“I think it’s time we headed back as well,” suggested Stone.

Suddenly, the restaurant grew silent. Stone looked around and saw a squad of MinSec guards were at the entrance, one pointing directly at Amber and Ruben and gesturing with her other hand.

“This is bad on toast,” said Stone. “You armed?” she asked Jordan.

“Just a couple things I picked up,” the other woman answered. “You?”

“This and that. Oi, Amber. I don’t know who you are, but I think you’re on someone’s shit list.”

Amber grew pale.

The troopers started to move, slowly approaching from both sides.

“Nicole. Nicole!” Stone hissed.

“Huh? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, but is there a back way out of here?”

“Yes, through the kitchen, but… This has to be a mistake.” She gathered herself and seemed to wrap herself in authority. “What is the meaning of this?” she demanded, striding over to the apparent leader.

“None of your concern, citizen.”

“This is going to end badly,” Stone whispered, trying to edge towards the kitchen. The other three, though, were frozen in place.

Nicole seemed to gain another half-dozen centimeters. “It is my concern,” she said, voice allowing for no disagreement. “Tell me what you are doing!”

“I don’t answer to you,” said the leader, turning her attention to Nicole. “But those people are fugitives, and we’re returning them to detention. Unless you’d like to join them, I wouldn’t interfere.”

“My name is Nicole Crozier.”

“I don’t care.”

“I am the Minister of War, and I will by damn make you care!”

Stone’s head snapped around. Minister of War?

That got the MinSec leader’s attention too, but not the way Nicole had hoped. “Then you’re a traitor, if you’re defending fugitives!” She started to bring her weapon up.

Stone was already in motion. “Jordan, get them moving!” she said, and leapt at Nicole. Her Earth-adjusted muscles allowed her to cover the ten meters in a single leap, and she grabbed her around the waist as her momentum brought them both to the ground. Without seeming to slow, she pivoted on her hip and kicked the back of the MinSec’s knees.

“Who are you?” gasped Nicole.

“Come with me if you want to live,” grunted Stone, pulling them both to their feet. She took a quick look and saw that Jordan had gotten the others headed toward the kitchen, and the rest of the MinSec guards were now focused on her. Great.

Get them back to the rest of the group! she ‘shouted’ through the implant. She felt Jordan’s nod, then turned her attention back to their situation.

It wasn’t good.

Stone let go of Nicole, grabbed the kneeling, moaning commander, and flung her towards the nearest guard. In the immediate chaos she pulled Nicole along behind her as she hit the door at a full sprint.

Lunar systems weren’t designed for implants; it was a largely unknown technology. But Stone’s implant had been tinkered with by the best cyberneticists she knew: Mac and Harpo. If there was a system her ‘plant couldn’t get into, it wasn’t on the moon. She was able to call up a map of Artemis City with their location and the location of the shuttle port highlighted.

“Bollocks,” she said, slowing enough for Nicole to keep up. “Right. You said you’re Minister of War?”

“I think I may have just resigned,” Nicole answered wryly. “But yes.”

Still weaving and making random turns, Stone said, “Do you have a padd? A comm?”

“Yes, my personal comm.”

“We’ve got to get off this planet before those idiots recover, and I don’t think I’ll be able to catch my ride. Do you have any suggestions?”

Nicole instantly said, “Scipio City.”

“Great. What’s that?”

“It’s the headquarters for the Solarian Navy.”

“And that helps us how?”

“I can get us in there.”

“Again, that helps us how?”

“Hold it,” said Nicole, planting her feet and huffing. “Ministers don’t usually run this much.”

Stone tapped into the location for Scipio and blanched. “That’s fifty klicks away!”

“There’s a tube that runs the entire route, public transport…”

But Stone was shaking her head. “Not a chance. Two will get you ten that your MinSec buddies will have cameras all over any transport system. It’s only logical.”

“Right,” agreed Nicole. “Okay, then. The naval spaceport. That’s part of Artemis City, and it’s under my Ministry’s control, not MinSec.”

“And once they realize you’re no longer their Minister, we end up against the wall.”

Nicole waved that off and started walking. “It’s going to take MinSec at least an hour to ‘disappear’ the mess back there. Even then, Minister Pitt is going to think twice before she tries to convince the Primus I’m some sort of traitor. She might be more senior than me, but my Ministry’s loyal to me, and…” She stopped talking as a thought struck, and then she quickened her pace.

“Oi, where are you going?”

“I’ve got to get hold of my deputy!” She pulled out her comm and rapidly punched a code.

“On speaker!” said Stone urgently. She didn’t trust her, didn’t know her, and really wasn’t in the mood for her to try to get back into the Primus’ good graces by turning her in. Nicole shot her a look but complied.

“Hey, Nicole, how’s the weekend off going?”

“Shitty. Jake, what ship has the most loyal crew?”


“Ship. Which crew is loyal to me, not to Artemis?”

“That’s a weird question.”

Nicole muttered something Stone didn’t catch, then said, “I don’t have time to explain. I need a ship that’s loyal to me, and I need them now.”

“Okay, okay. I’d say that the Roosa is your best bet. Lieutenant Gonzalez is the captain, and her career was headed right down the waste chute before you gave her the frigate.”

“I remember her,” she said. “She’d stood up to her commander when he tried to assault her, and she got demoted. Where is the Roosa?”

“She’s just about to rotate into the Guild run. Scheduled to lift off at sixteen.”

Stone checked the time. Nearly fourteen.

“Contact her and tell her I’m coming aboard for a surprise inspection with a member of the IG corps. We’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

“What inspection? Nicole, this doesn’t make any sense!”

“Just shut up and do it!” She broke the connection. “Come on. The naval starport isn’t far.”

“Not bad thinking,” said Stone. “Just one problem.”


“I don’t know what an IG corps is, but I’m pretty sure they don’t dress like this, and you’re wearing a waitress’s apron.”

Nicole looked down, then whipped the apron off and dropped it. “We’ll need suits. I know where we can get some.”

As they made their way through the City, Stone reached out to Tony and Jordan.

You clear?

All clear, answered Tony. Where did you disappear to?

I’ve got Nicole. I suppose I should call her Minister Crozier, but she seems way too decent to be an Artemis Minister.

Minister Crozier? Tony’s ‘voice’ rang in her head. Minister of War?

That’s what she says.

Oh, damn, Stone, you’ve hit the jackpot! How are you getting her away?

We’re working on it, she answered. I don’t have any details because there aren’t any details yet.

Let me know if I can help.

Make sure my luggage gets back to Njord, she replied, then closed the connection. “Now that we’re not running for our lives. Who the hell are you?” Nicole was asking.

“Name’s Mikki Stone. I’m sort of the roving troubleshooter for the Terran Federation, I guess. Former SEAL.”

“Terran Federation? So you know the Cassidy women?”

“Yes, and they’re not ‘the Cassidy women,’ they’re Dr. and Admiral Cassidy.” Stone’s tone was frosty.

“Sorry.” Nicole was obviously contrite. “Most of what I know has come through official reports, or from hearing the Primus rant about them. I’ve never needed to see them as people. Um.”

She fell silent, and Stone thought she could tell that there was more unsaid. “Yes?” she prompted.

“Nothing,” lied Nicole. “At least, nothing that can’t wait.”

She wasn’t going to get any more, thought Stone, and they kept moving. The silence between them stretched out for several minutes before she eventually broke it. “We’re going to need those suits,” was all she said. Apparently the topic was shelved for now, and Nicole accepted it gladly.

“There’s a depot at the starport that can issue us suits on my authority.”

“They’re not custom-fitted?” said Stone, thinking of the skinsuits used aboard Njord and the starships.

“No,” Nicole said, with just a hint of question that Stone ignored.

A few more moments brought them to a pressure hatch. Authorized Personnel Only, read the sign across the front. Nicole ignored it and pressed her thumb against a scanner. The hatch slid open, revealing an unremarkable-looking corridor, and Nicole strode down without hesitation.

Bloody hell, she’s confident. I hope it doesn’t bite us.

They passed another similar pressure hatch without incident. The corridor after that was wider, with hatches off to either side. Stone commanded her ‘plant to record everything she could see. She was supposed to be doing recce, after all, though she’d never expected to see the inside of an Artemis naval base.

The attitude of the few personnel she saw surprised her; not one batted an eye at the two women in civilian clothes in a section which was obviously off-limits. Stone commented on this.

“The outer security is solid,” Nicole answered. “If you can get in, it’s assumed that you’re supposed to be here.”

Stone didn’t contradict her, but filed that information away.

The equipment depot was nearly as relaxed, at least until Nicole pressed her thumb to acknowledge receipt of the suits. The clerk actually did a double-take when her name popped up in the system, then jumped to attention.

“Minister Crozier!” she snapped.

“Relax, um…”

“Naval Rating Arezo Rahimi, Minister!”

“Rating Rahimi. At ease. This isn’t formal, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t inform your superiors until after we’ve departed.” Nicole leaned in conspiratorially. “We’re doing an inspection. Surprise inspection. Won’t be much of a surprise if the commandant is out there hustling us around, will it?”

“No, Minister.”