The Measure of Humanity - Chapter Seventeen

You ever have one of those days where everything went sideways?

Well, I don't know how she managed it, but every time the Chief went to Luna, somewhere along the way something would go spoing! and she'd find herself up to her neck in crap.

It's a testament to her abilities to pull herself out of the crapper that she didn't end up dead.


Artemis City

“Last stop!” called Tony to his gaggle of tourists.

Thank shite, Stone commed to Jordan. Since discovering that they were supposed to be working together, they’d actually found that they were enjoying the company of the other. Stone saw the eagerness in Jordan, despite her lack of experience, while Jordan looked at Stone with a new appreciation for her skills. As a result they’d become much more the friends that Jordan had pretended so well earlier.

Now their time on Luna was coming to an end, and the LTA always ended it at the same restaurant. Today, though, Tony had an additional reason for stopping there, beyond the not-quite-exorbitant prices they charged the tourists.