The Measure of Humanity – Chapter ONE

Yes, we’ve reset the chapters again!

That means we’re into the last ‘third’ of this book. I say third in quotes because it’s not divided by number of words or chapters; it’s divided by events.

But you don’t care about the technical minutiae.

As always with the scenes within Artemis, Adam had to do his best to reconstruct them from people’s memories and any electronic records which might still exist. Now, nothing against the people who were there, but there are definitely liberties taken with these chapters.

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Artemis City, Council of Ministers

“Why didn’t it work?” demanded the Primus.

The assembled Ministers surreptitiously glanced at each other, consternation on their faces. Until moments ago, none of them had the slightest idea that anything was afoot, and now they were expected to weigh in on the Primus’s secret project?

Unsurprisingly, then, it was Nicole who spoke first.

“Primus. A single missile had no realist