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The Measure of Humanity – Chapter ELEVEN

It’s funny what happens when you’re not paying attention.

Now, in no way, shape, or form am I blaming Mikki for this, you understand.

But she thought she knew who Alyssa Jordan was because she’d heard about her five years earlier. She didn’t dig any further than the surface, and as a result there was a huge surprise coming for her on Luna.

Put it on your calendars now: November 24.


Because Adam is going to do a blockbuster sale and promotional blitz that day!

He’s going to be all over the web, including at least one (and maybe two) LIVE appearances, PLUS giveaways and contests and all sorts of other fun things.

MOST of this will be on Facebook (see the button below), but he’s also going to be on the Meet The Author Podcast at 7pm EST (4pm PST) on the 24th as well.

Don’t miss out!


Artemis City



Stone concentrated on acting like she was paying attention to whatever Jordan was saying.

This is killing me.

Suck it up, came his unsympathetic response. Now leave me alone! I’ve got my own work to do.

“…2150! Wow! Won’t that be cool?”

Stone tuned back into Jordan’s nearly-continuous monologue.

“Eh? Oh, yes. Quite.” She tried to put the appropriate enthusiasm in her voice but didn’t entirely manage it.

“Mikki, you’re not listening to me!”

“Of course I…Fine, you rabbited me. I’m sorry, Alyssa, I just have a lot on my mind.” She decided that the lie might make things worse.

“Then tell me how I can help!”

Save me from young idiots, she thought. “Very kind of you, Alyssa. I wish I could, but it’s just things I have to work through.” She hoped that was vague enough.

Dammit, Chief! Dr. Cassidy told me you were stubborn, not stupid!

“Holy shite!” reacted Stone to the unexpected voice in her head, stopping dead.

“I thought you were a professional!” hissed Jordan, airhead persona disappearing in an instant. Act like one! she continued over the implant, and she walked on.

You have a ‘plant! thought Stone, catching up with her.

Thank you, Captain Obvious. Of course I do.


Same way you got yours, a date with a surgeon who cracked open my jaw.

That is, I didn’t know that HLC people were getting ‘plants. And what do you mean, Dr. Cassidy told you about me?

Jordan didn’t quite look around, but the impulse was there, revealing to Stone just how unused to field work she was, no matter what else she may be.

I got my ‘plant a little more than a year ago, when Dr. Cassidy was winding up her time at HLC. It was something she wanted all of the leadership to have.

And what about me? Stubborn, you said?

And tenacious, yeah. Stone could hear the grin, even if it didn’t show on her face. That was more recent.

How recent?

Look, let’s stop and get a cup of coffee or something.

Or something, agreed Stone. It’s five o’clock somewhere, and I bloody well can use something stronger than coffee.

They had chosen a self-guided tour, so breaking off the ‘scheduled’ route was easy enough. Finding an open bar was almost as simple, and shortly they were seated, drinks in hand. Stone had gotten her ‘something stronger’, which the bartender claimed to be genuine Earth vodka and cranberry juice. Stone didn’t believe him, but it had the right kick. Jordan stuck to her coffee.

“This is nice,” vocalized Stone. Did Dr. Cassidy mention that I know twenty-five ways to kill a person, unarmed? Talk.

“It is,” agreed Jordan. “Peaceful.”

No need to threaten. A month, maybe six weeks ago, Dr. Cassidy met with me. She told me that you were doing something, she didn’t know what, just that you were working through OutLook and were booked on this tour. She handed me my passes for the Grand Tour and told me to help you out if I thought you needed it, and if you didn’t to have a good vacation.

Bloody hell.

You know, that’s almost what I thought too. Well, no, she continued, smiling. I think my actual words were Titania’s Tits.

Stone found herself smiling back. You ought to meet Davie sometime. She sounds just like you.


Never mind. So you’re here to help me. Do what?

Jordan raised a single eyebrow.

You’re going to have to tell me.

So, as they drank and people-watched, Stone did. At the end of the explanation, Jordan set down her empty cup.

“That was just what I needed.”

“Mayhap,” agreed Stone. Are you in?

Damn right I am.

“What’s next?”

“I think we ought to continue into the Complex. I’ve heard they do a great explanation of how they old regime handled their discontented citizens.”

“Ooh,” Jordan squealed convincingly. “Will there be cells? They’re so creepy!”

“Not the way you’re thinking,” said Stone. “But that usually goes along with discontented citizens.”

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