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The Kildaran – How To Get It!

I’d like to start by congratulating you! If you’ve read all the chapters, you’ve read about 180,000 words, 620 manuscript pages. That’s quite a pile!

I’d also like to express my admiration for your patience and sticktoitiveness. This has been a long haul, and I’m sure you have wanted to throw in the towel or slug me at one point or another. Let me say I appreciate you having done neither of those things!

But now you have a problem.

There aren’t any more chapters, and unless you want to copy/paste every single post, how do you get a copy of this?

It’s actually really easy.

You can get it two ways.

If you want the Dead Tree edition, I will be happy to send you one. I’ll even sign it, though you’ll have to catch up to Richard to get his signature too.

All you have to do is cover costs.

The printing cost for this version is $8.82, and the best estimate I can get from USPS remotely for mailing is $5.42, which gives a combined total of $14.24. Let’s round it down and call it $14 for a copy.

If you want this, fill out the contact form with your name and email. I’ll reach out to arrange payment.

THERE WILL BE DELAYS in getting paperbacks out, because I have to order them, get them shipped to me, then send them out to you. And before you ask yes, there are a few on hand (or there will be) but I’m an indie author; I can’t tie money up in inventory.

I want the Paperback!

Thank you for subscribing!

I want the Paperback!

Send me information on how to get the paperback; I also want to keep informed on new books and specials which AREN’T The Kildaran, so I’ll sign up for the newsletter too by checking the box at the bottom.

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Now, if you want the ebook too, that’s simpler!

Just click the button below and you’ll be whisked away to get your very own copy in whatever format you need – PDF, MOBI, or ePub! Simple and quick!

Thank you so much for coming along for the ride. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this book, and I hope you’ll stick around and see what else I can do.

Until next time.


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