The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One – Chapter SIXTEEN

And we’re STILL getting into my hideaway!

Boy, Adam took his time on this! I’ll admit, I like the chapter titles he came up with. I had almost forgotten about The Hobbit, but it does sort of describe it. Sort of.

He does do a good job in the NEXT chapter, describing it all, the good bits, I mean. Of course, I appreciated all of it, since it was my baby, but looking back I can see how it might be misconstrued by someone unfamiliar with the layout.

In any case, enjoy the chapter. If you’re ready to buy the book – which is only 99 cents to buy, or free if you have that Kindle Unlimited thing – you can click the button or you can click on any image. Finally, the audio version is at the very end!

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Chapter 16: A Little More Than Meets the Eye