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The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One – Chapter Eleven

Okay, I’ve got to admit, Adam got this chapter right.

To be fair, he got many chapters right; in fact, I’m pretty happy with what he wrote. But this one, especially. Yeah. He got it.

Oh, right. Hi again, it’s your old pal Kendra, taking a trip down memory lane with you and giving you a little context to go with the chapter post.

One thing I do want to mention, since I’m on your social media these days. Do not use my middle name. Ever. My parents saddled me with it, for no good reason, at least none that they ever gave me, and I’ve been stuck with it. I thought about dropping it when Cass and I married, but ‘Kendra Foster-Briggs Cassidy’ was too much of a mouthful. Believe me, it might seem nice, but we tried it. Nope.

Anyways, here you go. My wedding. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get a tissue for the tears that are going to be leaking.

Hey, Kendra! You forgot something!

Geez. My wedding chapter and I don’t get a break? Can’t you do it, just once?

Fine. We’re only a couple weeks away from the release of A Quiet Revolution, so you probably ought to get your pre-order in now before the price goes up. And don’t forget to enter into the giveaway for ALL FOUR PAPERBACKS, AUTOGRAPHED!

Was that so hard? Now, scram. This is my moment.

Chapter 11: Pardon Me, Do You Do Weddings?

‘Do you, Kendra Marissa Foster-Briggs, take Aiyana to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, being her rock and her joy, until death do you part?’


The minister – well, not really a minister. More of a professional wedding officiator, if you’d prefer – looked down at the two women.

They’d caught a taxi with a genuine human driver, who was more than pleased to take cash money for his services, to take them first to a bridal shop, then a jeweler’s, followed by City Hall, and finally to the Chapel of the Resurrected Sirians (An Alienist Congregation, the sign below read). The wedding dresses were simple, compared to the ones they had worn only a few hours earlier. They were mirror images, both in white, keeping with Kendra’s Amazonian style, though Aiyana was exposed on the right, while Kendra was exposed on the left. Both showed a plentiful length of leg, too.

The jeweler was eager to sell them wedding bands, though she insisted that, both being women, plain gold bands weren’t enough. ‘You need something sparkly,’ she said, guiding them to their selection. ‘I know the perfect ones.’ She was right.

The rings she selected were identical in form – a bold, brilliant diamond in the center, flanked by a pair of smaller, identical jewels, one on either side. But the one she chose for Kendra to wear had topaz; Aiyana’s, emerald. ‘Obviously, the topaz, the emerald are your partner’s eyes, so you know you are always in their thoughts. The diamond is for the purity and eternal nature of your love.’ It was a line, obviously, but it wasn’t necessary. They were sold and sized quickly.

They got a marriage license at the twenty-four hour window in City Hall without any difficulty. Bribing the clerk to delay filing for a full day was simplicity as well; a five-hundred tucked under the completed form and a few whispered words and the problem was solved.

Nor was there any problem at the Chapel. ‘We never drop weekend paperwork off before Monday no how,’ said Reverend Hos Gaw Yu. But he pocketed his tip just as quickly as the county clerk.

Now they were here.


‘I do,’ whispered Kendra. She’d agreed to be asked first.

‘And do you, Aiyana Rosewind Cassidy, take Kendra to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, being her rock and her joy, until death do you part?’

‘I do.’

‘Then by the power granted me by the Church of the Resurrected Sirians and the Free City of Las Vegas, I pronounce you wife and wife! You may kiss your bride,’ he finished.

A scattering of applause rose from the waiting celebrants, doubling as witnesses to the ceremony, as they each lifted a filmy veil from the other’s face.

‘You meant it,’ said Aiyana, weeping.

‘Of course I did, you silly slitch! Now kiss me and take me home; I want you in my bed and I want you there now!’

The next few minutes were a blur of congratulations, signatures, and departures. Soon enough they were back with their tame taxi driver, who steered them toward the Luxor at their direction.

‘We have about sixteen hours before we meet Dick,’ said Kendra between kisses. ‘What can we do with all that time?’

‘We’ll think of something.’

Chapter 11 from Audible

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