The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter TWENTY-THREE

The Miracles of Mac!

I have never met anyone who isn’t silicon-based who is better with computers and technology than Amanda McAllister. None.

I swear, she’s the tech whisperer. Even when it comes to AI’s, who are self-willed and stubborn as hell when they want to be, she can almost always get her way.

And she’s not a bad field agent.

Put it on your calendars now: November 24.


Because Adam is going to do a blockbuster sale and promotional blitz that day!

He’s going to be all over the web, including at least one (and maybe two) LIVE appearances, PLUS giveaways and contests and all sorts of other fun things.

MOST of this will be on Facebook (see the button below), but he’s also going to be on the Meet The Author Podcast at 7pm EST (4pm PST) on the 24th as well.

Don’t miss out!

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Chapter 23: Who Am I Again?