The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter Twenty-Four

We’re on the road!

I love driving, I loved driving my Bugatti, but I hated the drive we were about to do.


Okay. So we’re having lunch and Cass wants to know what we’re going to do next; I have to explain about the New York Thruway and the relative lawlessness of the road.

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Chapter 24: On the Road Again

Exiting the People’s Republic was easier than entry, for values of easier. Still, it wasn’t an experience anyone enjoyed, or repeated more often than necessary. It took not quite a half hour and yet more paperwork to get the Veyron out of the country – ‘Export license fee!’ fumed Kendra – but eventually they were free and headed into the Empire of New York. Entry was painless, compared to Massachusetts, after crossing the half-kilometer DMZ.