The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter Twenty-Five

So you think traffic is bad in this time?

Sister, let me tell you, you ain’t seen nothing!

After the various wars of dissolution, most of the former United States were cut off from the seemingly endless flow of federal money. Nowhere was there a greater impact than on the infrastructure, most notably the roads and bridges.

See, when the U.S. went away, the federal gas tax, which paid for the maintenance of the roads, also went away. This was a cause for celebration in many former states as their price per gallon dropped by a huge amount overnight.

The problem was they didn’t have a funding source to replace the gas tax, and the people were reluctant, as always, to impose a tax on themselves.

So the roads got worse.

And worse.

In New York they decided to privatize some of the roads, which meant they sold off things like the New York Thruway to private companies. On the one hand it meant the road was maintained, even improved; on the other hand, there were no rules.

Cass had never been on the Thruway.

It was memorable.

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