The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter SIX

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A little backstory on this chapter (as always).

This was one of the chapters which I used for the initial auditions for the narrator for the audiobook version. (I’ll tell you the other chapter when we get to it.) Why? Well, it has lots of dialogue between Cass and Ken, and since those are the protagonists I wanted to be sure their voices would be right.

It’s also a fun chapter, with lots of snappy banter, as well as a revealing chapter. More of Kendra’s hidden history and skills start to come to the fore. Cass also starts to step up her game again, after a few minutes of reaction in the previous chapter.

One comment I’ve received is how Cass and Ken seem to be much closer than Cass, Ken, and Derek, to which my answer is, naturally! Cass and Ken grew up together and were best friends through high school. Any relationship, compared to that, is going to be a poor second place.

Chapter 6: Sin City

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‘We’re going where?’ objected Derek.

They’d left the café and were walking down the street, arm-in-arms. ‘We have to plan, and we can’t do it inside a cab. Those things record everything; haven’t you ever seen Taxi Love?’ Kendra had said, referring to a popular channel which showed nothing but live shots of people having sex in taxis all over the world. ‘It goes in the memory, it goes on the grid, and whoever is doing this knows where we’re going.’