The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter SEVENTEEN

And now we’re back to Cass’s side of the events of August, 2113.

That was a busy month!

Looking back, you know what amazes me most?

Cass proposed to us on Shakesday of that year. Somehow she – and make no mistake, it was all her! – planned and organized a formal wedding for only four months later.

The assassination attempt and running for our lives was bonus content.

Adam’s got a new collection; isn’t the cover cool? He’s gathered the four volumes which contain the Artemis War, the prequel (telling how Cass and I got started on this crazy road), plus an exclusive novelette, The Martian Gambit, all in one place and then slapped a price of $9.99 on it all.

Personally I think he’s nuts, but hey, I just lived it.

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