The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter SEVEN

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another chapter from the original book, The Cassidy Chronicles, Volume One. More specifically, this is still from Book One: Run Like Hell.

Until very recently, you could only get books one and two. That’s what I wrote, back in the day, and published on their own as standalone novellas. It wasn’t until last May that the whole book, as a complete unit, was finished and available.

As always, there will be the audio version of this chapter at the end, done by the incomparable Jane Weatherstone. If you’d like to purchase the book, just click on one of the images and you’ll be taken to Amazon. If you’d rather have the audiobook, the link is after the chapter (way down at the bottom, sorry, it’s a long way).

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Now then. Last week, they’d bought their tickets to Vegas and were on the way to the terminal when a hand came down on Cass’s shoulder…

Chapter 7: A Terminal Experience

Cass was roughly spun around.

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