The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter NINETEEN

If I had to give this chapter a different title, one more in line with the events within, I’d probably call it Cass Takes Charge.

See, while she’d been getting more and more assertive the longer she was away from me, it wasn’t until here that she really took over and dictated to the two agents, who had considerably more experience, the course of events. This would come up again and again later on, and it wasn’t anything she didn’t know how to do. She ran her own lab, after all. But she was finally getting comfortable in the new situation she was faced with and, as is her wont, faced it. Head on.

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Chapter 19: Out the Front Door

“I think that we’re going to need to sit down and work this through beginning to end, list all the potential pitfalls and make plans to avoid them if possible or defeat them at worst, and then we can go back to the Director and tell her what we need for support and if we need any more agents, though I don’t think we will, after all there’s you and me and Montana, and – “