The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter FOURTEEN & FIFTEEN

Back to work after a long weekend sucks, doesn’t it?

At least that’s what I remember. I haven’t had a ‘long weekend’ in so many years I can’t remember the last one. This is the downside of being the Admiral, I suppose?

On the plus side, nobody beats the view from my office.

Like I said last week, I’ll be doing the double-posting each week as long as the chapters keep bouncing between what I was doing and what Cass was doing.

I was still stuck with Jamie and Evan, but it nearly got worse. I’ll let you read the chapter to figure out how.

Meanwhile Cass was kicking ass in her own way. All these years later and Mac still doesn’t believe how it all went down!

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Chapter 14: Not Another Boat!

Fort Massachusetts was a relic, preserved for posterity through constant effort against the best nature could throw at it. A D-shaped masonry structure, it had originally been located a few hundred meters from the north shore of Ship, but decades of erosion and hurricanes had swept away the land until only a few meters separated the water from the curved outer wall. Typical of construction of the period, shallow arches provided ample access to the interior.