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The Cassidy Chronicles – A note on chapters

A note on nomenclature. Back with the original story, I had thought – when it became apparent that it was going to become something more than a cute little scene – to publish them in a series of novella-length books, each about 25,000 words. There were going to be four of them, and the first one was called Run Like Hell. Then there would come A Deadly Quest, followed by A Desperate Gambit, and finally a fourth book, the title of which I never quite worked out.

When I ran into a hiatus in writing, I had Run Like Hell and A Deadly Quest out, and about 10,000 words of A Desperate Gambit complete. Then – nothing. For nearly seven years, nothing. The story just sort of languished. Then, in March of 2020, I finally got the idea which would allow me to finish A Desperate Gambit; I abandoned the fourth book completely, and got back to writing. Along the way I decided that I wanted to put all three out in a single volume, an omnibus edition, which would simply be called The Cassidy Chronicles. I would keep the structure, though, so the omnibus was divided into three books.

This also explains why you can buy each of the individual books in Volume One separately, in all formats – the first two were out there, and I didn’t think it right to punish the people who had purchased the first two by making them buy the entire thing when the third one came out. So there are ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks for all three, which is a good thing if you like your stories in little bites!

All was well and good, but then I started writing another book. It had potential, but it was a little bit…off. I solved that by dropping it into the Cassidy universe, and the problems were solved. That’s where The Road to the Stars began, also called The Cassidy Chronicles Volume Two. That turned the original omnibus into Volume One.

But I kept the three-book structure within the larger volume for Two, Three, and now that I’m working on it, Four. And each book has its own chapters, starting with One. Thus this chapter which you will get tomorrow will be referred to as C1-B1-V1, or Chapter One of Book One of Volume One. The bits that will appear Wednesday are a little different. They are technically the Prologue to the entire volume, so I’d refer to that as P-V2. The Chapter for Thursday goes back to the pattern, C1-B1-V3.

Got it?

If you have any questions, just ask!

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