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Thanksgiving Break!

Hey, it's me again!

Glad to see you, especially on a Saturday!

Now, I know this is the week in your time where it's Thanksgiving.

How do I know? Oh, Adam told me. See, Thanksgiving is a uniquely North American holiday, and most vigorously celebrated in the United States. Since I'm not American, it was a little different for me and my family.

You didn't realize this?

Right, Kendra's Origin 101.

I was born in the Northern Imperium in 2080. I was premature and delivered via emergency C-section in an ambulance that was transporting my host mother to the hospital after a road accident. Now, the hospital was in Big Sky (the next nation over), because where we were that was the closest city, and that's where my host mother lived.

As a result I was born with dual citizenship, Big Sky from my mother and Northern Imperium from the place of birth.

When I got older, I took on citizenship in the California Confederacy, and when I joined OutLook they helped me acquire citizenships in the Confederate States, the United States, and the Republic of Texas. All perfectly legit and utterly contradictory, but if you don't tell I won't!

Finally, I acquired citizenship in the Sonoran Republic after I married Aiyana, and that's the one I used the most when I established the Terran Federation.

Which, naturally, brought another citizenship, when we got around to establishing we were a nation and not just a rich bitch's pet project.

Anyway. Where was I?


So this is a screwy week for you lot, I know.

Which is why this is the ONLY post for this weekend. Oh, there's still going to be the Author Interview on Monday, but no Taylor's Time, and no Sunday post. As for next weekend? We'll figure it out.

So get ready. I'm gonna bomb you with banners and promo stuff now.

As always, click on the banner to go see what's offered!

First off, the new book that Adam and AC Adams released - it's only 99c, so you want to get it before the price goes up!

And now, the OTHER free and discount and sale books!

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