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Taylor's Time!

Happy Saturday!

Taylor's BACK after her adventure, and she's got a little teaser for us.

This is from a story we haven't seen before, so hang on - we're off on another wild ride!


When Raymond met Allie, he couldn't believe his eyes. Her beauty was breathtaking, her red scarf and auburn locks glowing in the dying sun, filling puddles beneath her with liquid amber. From the moment he saw her dancing with her umbrella in the rain, Raymond knew she was the one.

That night, he prayed to the Lord, thanking Him for bringing such a luminous creature into his life.

"There is more in store for you, my son," the Lord said.

As time went on, Raymond knew this to be true, for he and Allie grew closer and closer with every candle-lit dinner, every walk in the park, every quiet morning. The night they made love was cold, raindrops falling almost as gently as Raymond's lips felt on Allie's collarbone. Thunder thudded to the fast beat of Raymond's heart as he slid himself into her slowly and gently. Lightning flashed with the light in Allie's eyes as she smiled at him and whispered that she loved him. The storm died down with his trembling body. His frame shook with the euphoria of orgasm as the clouds broke and he collapsed into his lover's arms. Their sweat dried with the rain. They lay curled against one another, and for the first time in his life, Raymond was truly happy.

The years passed by with little conflict. That is, until Allie developed a lingering cough that refused to let up. The cough became progressively worse - a disease of the lungs.

Raymond prayed often during this time. His knees ached and his eyes burned, but he continued, asking the Lord to cure his beloved partner. But the Lord didn't answer. Not this time.

As Raymond's fears ate him alive, Allie's illness consumed her. Her treatments were unsuccessful, her illness relentless. Within six months, she was skin and bones and pale as a cloud. Raymond could only watch and comfort her as she grew weaker and weaker. At night, he would fold himself against her thinning body and sing softly into her ear. Despite speaking to the Lord every night, his prayers remained unanswered.

Allie was cold when Raymond woke up. She was stiff and pale.

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