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Taylor's Time!

Hello again!

I'm so happy to be back--

No, actually, I'm happy Taylor is back, because I get to read the posts first!

She's really fun to read, and this one...

This makes me think of letters I wrote to Aiyana after life happened to us.

I never sent them. I wonder what would have happened if I did?

We'll never know. Even I know not to time travel into my own timeline!

Enjoy, and I'll see you next time!

- Kendra

A Letter To My Love

My love,

I see our future as clear as a raindrop. You and I, nestled in that cozy little shed. Christmas lights strung along the ceiling, casting their soft glow across my books and your guitar. A herb garden in the yard, its intoxicating fragrance wafting in through our window after a bout of cool rain. I can see myself laying in bed, writing my next book as you play your keyboard, our talents flowing together as one.

I trust you, on so many levels, with so many aspects of our life-to-be. I trust you will never cheat. I trust you will never strike me or our children. I trust you will keep us safe, protect us with all your heart and life, just as you promised.

I know you will be gentle with me. I know you acknowledge the Hell I've been through. I know you respect my boundaries as I do yours. I don't just trust these things. I know these things. I know you.

Let your burdens hit my ears. Let them fall upon my shoulders. Let me lift the weight you carry, and I will gladly carry it with you. You will never be alone.

I will lay awake with you on your sleepless nights. I will listen to your worries, your stresses, your fears. I will dive with you deep into your darkest places if you only let me.

I will worry for you always. Oh yes, I will worry, but please understand why. It is my protectiveness taking over, my desire for you to stay safe and out of harm's grasp.

If injury were to strike you, I will be there. I will be your legs when you can't walk and your arms when you can't reach. I will nurse your cuts and bruises and massage your aching muscles. I will care for your body as if it was mine.

Our little ones will be amazing. They will be warriors, fighters like you and me. They will be brave, our kings and queens, as beautiful as snow in winter, as sweet as the purest sugar. Our daughters will shine as bright as the sun. Our sons will grow as flowers grow, gentle and soft. Their hair will flow free like the grasses and trees around us, forever uncut. They will treat the earth with care and embrace the beauty of nature with all of their hearts and being.

These are the dreams I have for us, my love.

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