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Taylor's Time!

Well, Taylor's back - but not with more Safe Now!

No, she's got a blast from the past this week, sweet and short and lovely, but...

I wanted more story!


Okay, okay, rant over.

- Kendra

December 25th 2020

I just came back from one of the best and hardest things I've ever experienced.

The cousins came to us. They stood at a distance with their masks and their gloves.

"Merry Christmas!" they said. "We love you!"

There we stood, my grandparents and I, equal parts surprised and touched by what we saw. The little ones laughed and ran around as little ones do, but everyone was there. Devin and his clan, Merry and her son, Aunt Katie and Ant-Dog, and Gabe and Ash with their little angels in their pretty Christmas dresses.

That was the best part, having everyone I loved the most in one place at one time. In our family, this was a rarity, as they have their own families now.

The hardest part was this: we couldn't hold them. I could hardly see them and I couldn't even run up to hug them, no matter how desperately my heart ached for it. My eyes have kept me from them due to countless surgeries. Now COVID kept them from me too.

There they were, right within reach, but we couldn't touch them. We couldn't share hugs or kisses. We could only watch as our little family gave us one of the greatest Christmas gifts we've ever received.

Despite this obvious disappointment, the ache that will no doubt stay with me throughout the day, I am happy to have seen them, to have heard them, to know that my aunt and my cousins and the little ones are safe.

So I end this with a "Thank You!" Your presence brought a brightness to my Christmas.

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