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Taylor's Time

Okay, this is an open message to Taylor:

You're gonna make me wait for more of Avan's story???

You've been posting and posting and posting, and it's a good story, and...

Now you stop?


When I get down there, you and I, we're gonna hve some words!

- Kendra

Soaring With The Wolves

I see them from my bedroom window, the wolves in the woods running and leaping, their strides long and light. They jostle one another, always touching; a family among trees.

I long to be a part of the pack, to run with them, to leap and fly. I sit at my window, my chin in my hands and imagine my fur; brownish grey. Closing my eyes, I picture my new wolf body disappearing into the night.

I soar with the pack, my strides long and light. The woods are pale and beautiful in the moonlight. Two wolves press in close and the pack follows, embracing me as one of their own. I yip and jump, so happy to be in their presence. My paws hardly touch the forest floor. We journey through the cold misty woods until our fur is moist and shining with snow. We leap, we fly, we soar.

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